Dolav Liners

Premium-Grade Dolav Liners

Line your dolav containers with dolav liners to keep your food clean, fresh, and legally compliant. Our BRC certified products ensure the polythene is safe to use with food, while the Polythene UK guarantee ensures every bag works as intended.

Use our premium-grade dolav liner bags to meet food safety standards and hygiene guidelines for quality products and better business, every day.

Food-grade Dolav Liners

Our dolav liners are already used by food and drink manufacturers throughout Europe to protect their products and their reputations. Make sure yours are safe with food-grade liners you can depend on.

Easily Line Your Dolav Containers

Dolav liners are designed for ease-of-use with dolav containers. Simple place the bag inside the container and fold the edges around the outside of the container, providing a secure fit and thorough coverage.

Our tailored dolav liners are suitable for blast freeze and low temperature environments.

Legally Compliant Dolav Liners

Premium-grade bags enable you to process, store, and transport the freshest raw materials and ingredients.

They also ensure hygiene standards, meaning that products are safe for both processing and public consumption.

Quality and hygiene are carefully monitored by a number of government bodies, including Trading Standards and the Food Standards Agency. Stay on the safe side of the law and the right side of the buying public with specialist dolav liners.

BRC-certified Dolav Liners

Our dolav liner bags are fully certified to BRC packaging standards, so you know can order with the confidence that every bag has been tested to provide the leading safety and quality you require.

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Technologies & Specifications

Dolav Liner specifications

  • Size: Standard industry size
  • Thickness: 12mu-250mu

Technologies Available for Dolav Liners:

  • Flame retardant treatments available
  • Clear or printed in up to 8 colours and tints as standard
  • Available in Polyair™ & Polylite™

Dolav Liners Can Be Supplied:

  • Perforated on the reel
  • In boxes of 10kg to 15kg

Next day delivery on stock items within the UK when you place your order before 2pm (excludes some parts of Scotland and Ireland).

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