Scaffold Shrink Wrap for development and construction sites

Verisafe Scaffold Shrink Wrap is a tough, weather protecting polythene specifically designed for use on development and construction sites. Strong impact tolerance makes it ideal for protecting building and construction work from the high wind loading, while its malleable strength means it can be safely and securely installed, even at challenging heights and conditions.

By fully encapsulating construction projects or area using heat shrink technology you are able to work through adverse weather conditions, shorten timescales and improving the appearance of the construction site.

How Verisafe Scaffold Shrink Wrap works

When applied correctly the film forms a drum-tight skin area around the project.

Bi-directional shrinkage – Verisafe Scaffold Shrink Wrap does this better than any other film and it has bi-directional heat shrink properties, meaning it will shrink the same ratio vertically as it will horizontally. Not only does this make the film application a much easier process with much better results, it also allows you to shrink the film a second time if the project has multiple phases and requires extended encapsulated areas attached the existing film.

Welding properties – These are determined by the raw materials used, as well as the capacity of the extruder. The welding is very important and must be permanent for long time. Weldings that dissolve over time weaken the tension of the film and thus also the stability of the work.

Puncture resistance – Weather protecting materials require high puncture resistance. This is determined by the blow grade of the extrusion and by the chemical composition. The unique properties of bi-directionality and the chemical composition make our film uniquely strong in this area.

UV resistance – There are different formulations in order to meet the UV-resistance needed. Depending on the chosen formulation we can guarantee 3 to 15 months to 130 Langley (South of France) or 2 to 4 years to 70 Langley (Benelux). The choice of the additive is determined in order to ensure welding strength and shrinkage properties in all climate conditions.

Flame retardant properties – We offer various films with EN13501-1, LPS, M1 & B1 flame retardant certification, and can advise the film required depending on the project.

Key benefits:

Scaffold sheeting is used to keep your scaffold structure contained & well protected. Why you should use scaffold shrink wrap in your construction project:

  1. Low maintenance. Verisafe is highly wind resistant due to its drum-tight properties. This means that the chances of tears and detached sheeting is reduced significantly
  2. Improve appearance. The scaffold sheeting creates a professional and clean appearance across your construction site. The material can cover all aspects of your scaffolding and as it is tensile you can be sure your site is totally protected
  3. Malleable strength. Our scaffold shrink film is incredibly versatile and can cover all shapes and sizes. This means that all your construction site is protected against any unpredictable weather conditions

Product specifications:

Due to technological progress and the increasing demands in terms of safety, fire protection and ecology, Verisafe Shrink Film is by far the best product to choose for construction sites, renovated buildings and other construction projects.

  • Our stock film is supplied 7 x 15mt, multi-folded to 1750mm x 37Kg max for easier distribution and application

Flame retardant certified LPS 1207 & 1215 BRE Audited

  • 7m wide x 15m long x 320mu LPS White Opaque – 105mt² / 36.6Kg per roll, for more information about these product specifications, click here.
  • 7m wide x 15m long x 280mu LPS White Opaque – 105mt² / 32.4Kg per roll, for more information about these product specification, click here.

Flame retardant Class EN 13501-1 b,s1, do

  • 7m wide x 15m long x 300mµ White Opaque – 105mt² / 32.4.4Kg per roll, for more information about the product specifications, click here.

To discuss scaffold sheeting for your next project call our sales team on 0845 643 1601. They will be able to give you the best price over the phone, and will answer any questions you may have.

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