Industrial Shrink Wrap

Keep modules and equipment safe with industrial shrink wrap

Industrial shrink wrap is becoming a more common choice within the construction industry where modular buildings or large products are manufactured off site and transported to the site to allow for more efficient and quicker project completion.

The modules or buildings are vulnerable to damage when being transported. By utilising industrial shrink wrap rolls, the module shrink wrapping prevents this potential damage in transport.

The industrial shrink wrap system acts as a durable barrier keeping the building or module protected when in transit or when sitting outside exposed to all weather conditions in storage.

This guarantees improved protection against rainfall, dust, dirt, and other weather or construction, but it does mean the industrial shrink wrap needs to be properly installed, requiring the use of a shrink wrap gun.

Key Benefits of Industrial Shrink Wrap

Wind resistant

High tolerance to wind exposure during transport.

Flame retardant options

Materials comply with fire safety standards.

Stays in place

Doesn’t move or shift so dirt and debris can’t get underneath.

Retains product condition

Protects products from damaging during transport.

Industrial shrink wrap film vs traditional covers

Industrial shrink wrap film is designed to wrap tightly around the module forming a tough layer for your product. Unlike traditional covers, industrial shrink wrap film will not move – which could allow dirt to get under the layer and damage the product. It has a high tolerance to elements such as high winds which it will be exposed to in transport.

When fitted correctly using a shrink wrap gun, it shrinks to the product with no creases creating a tear-resistant layer – allowing it to be exposed to high winds without the threat of rips.

Our industrial shrink wrap film can also be made in flame retardant, complying with LPS1207 standards, allowing you to be assured that your manufactured product will be protected to a range of potential hazards.

Technologies & Specifications of Industrial Shrink Wrap

We can supply any size bag


Flame retardant treatments 


125-320mu LPS approved


Frequently Asked Questions

Using industrial shrink wrap involves a few key steps:

  1. Clean the surface of the product you want to wrap. Remove any dirt, dust or debris.
  2. Cut the shrink wrap to the appropriate size, making sure to leave enough excess to fully cover the product.
  3. Place the shrink wrap over the product and secure it temporarily with tape, pins or cling wrap.
  4. Use a heat gun or shrink wrap machine to apply concentrated heat to the film. Move the heat source continuously over the entire surface to avoid burning.
  5. As the film heats up, it will begin to shrink smoothly around the contours of the product. The film shrinks to up to 40% of its original size.
  6. Once fully shrunk, the film forms a tight second skin around the product. The shrink wrap seals tightly with no air pockets or creases.
  7. Allow the shrink wrap to cool completely before handling the wrapped product. The film is now securely protecting the item.
  8. To remove, simply cut away the shrink film with scissors or a sharp utility knife. Take care not to damage the product underneath.

The lifespan of industrial shrink wrap depends on several factors:

  1. Weather Exposure - Direct sun, heat, rain, wind and other elements will degrade the wrap faster over time. Indoor storage extends lifespan.
  2. Usage - Wraps left in place on products or pallets will last longer than wraps removed and reapplied multiple times. Gentle handling prevents tears.
  3. Quality - Higher quality, thicker shrink films last longer than cheaper, thinner films which tear easier. Proper application also extends lifespan.
  4. Storage Conditions - Ideal conditions are clean, dry and temperatures under 30°C. Higher heat and humidity degrade wrap faster.

For short term cargo transport, polyolefin films offer 6-12 months protection. For long term outdoor storage, polyester or PVC wraps offer multi-year protection. Proper storage and handling is key to maximize lifespan. Periodic inspection of wraps is recommended.

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