Why use agricultural stretch wrap?

This innovative stretch wrap by Silobal® allows farmers to easily and securely contain their bales. The wrap has been specifically developed to provide maximum flexibility and wrap around differently sized bales, for practical, flexible agricultural protection.

This film is made of a material that is both strong and versatile, enabling you to wrap your bales easily whilst also protecting its content. As this film keeps your bales safe and secure, it can also prevent pollution or waste from the silage stack, keeping your bales in the condition you left them in.

At Polythene UK we are keenly aware of our environmental responsibilities. This is why we strive to stock polythene products with the greenest credentials. Silobal® wrap is one such product, made exclusively from high quality raw materials. This 3 and 5 layered co-extruded film keeps your bales secure from any leakages for secure, pollution-free wrapping.

Agricultural shrink wrap

Key Benefits of Agricultural Stretch Wrap

Greater Resistance
Blown co-extruded 3 and 5 layer films provide greater resistance.

UV Resistance
Guaranteed UV resistant for 12 months.

Reduced Porosity
Extremely airtight, reducing porosity.

Tested for Compatibility
Successfully tested on all new bale wrapping machines.

Provides flexibility to wrap different sized hey bales

Early Cutting
Enables safe and early cutting

Rich Pastures
Provides pastures of rich and plentiful grass.

Prevents Pollution
Prevents pollution and leakages from the silage stack

Technologies & Specifications of Agricultural Stretch Wrap

Up to 15.00m


5-layer technology


30µ to 220µ


Our agricultural stretch wrap is available in black, green, or white, and can be ordered in the following sizes:

* 500mm x 1800m x 25mu — 
36 rolls per pallet

*  750mm x 1500m x 25mu —
40 rolls per pallet

Please note: All rolls provided will come with a plastic core.

Next day delivery on stock items within the UK when you place your order before 2pm (excludes some parts of Scotland and Ireland).


Call our sales team on 0845 643 1601 to discuss your requirements. They will be able to give you the best price over the phone, and will answer any questions you may have.

Product Range

Benefit from our wide range of films, sheets, and membranes for the agricultural and horticultural sectors:

Agricultural stretch film

This innovative stretch film by Silobal® allows farmers to easily and securely contain their bales. The film has been specifically developed to provide maximum flexibility and wrap around differently sized bales, for practical, flexible agricultural protection.

Ventilated stretch films

Let your produce breathe with our Ventilated Stretch Film, specifically designed to allow your pallet-wrapped fruit, vegetables, and flowers the natural airflow they need to stay fresh and healthy.

Mulch film

Our Mulch Film helps farmers throughout the UK to speed up the growth of their crops and provide healthier produce for better return on their yields. Mulch Film protects your crops against environmental changes by minimising the external conditions…

Silage sheeting

Our Silage Film provides farmers and horticulturists throughout the UK with a way of maintaining the nutritional value of their forage plants such as corn, vegetables, and grasses after cutting, for longer lasting, higher quality silage.

Horticultural bags/covers

Our wide range of Horticultural Bags and Liners is designed specifically to meet the broad needs of farmers, bale contractors, gardeners, groundsmen, and other horticulturalists throughout the UK.

Polytunnel Film

Made from specialised polythene to maximise your growing conditions, trapping temperature and humidity so your crops can grow in perfect conditions. They maintain growing conditions in this way, polytunnels are excellent for growing crops out of season.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all the bale wrapping process is determined by a good baling process. Make sure to wrap the bale quickly after the baling process. You should use plastic twines or nets and make a high cutting (that is <10 cm) to prevent any soil contamination which could contain mushroom spores.

Wrap the bale with at least 6 layers to all sides when the silage quality is standard and apply at least 8 layers of film when the silage quality is ligneous (such as alfalfa) to achieve a satisfactory result. The layers of the film shall overlap 50% to one another around the silage bale. For continuous bale wrapping apply at least 6 layers of film (8 layers are recommended) around the bale and make sure to wrap bales of the same size to ensure a good tightness of the continuous bale.

The film on the bale shall be stretched by 50% in the length direction when measured on the flat end of the bale. Check it frequently during the process. The width of the stretched film shall be of 400 mm with a nominal width of 500 mm and of 600 mm with a nominal width of 750 mm.

We suggest wrapping your bales when there is no rain as this can damage the wrapping process.

Bales should be between 40 % and 60 % of dry matter to obtain food quality silage.

The stacking of the bales should be made on the flat end of the bale. They can be stacked three high maximum.

It is recommended to store the bales near the farm. The storage area shall ideally be flat, preferably cemented. The storage area shall be away from trees and far from any water source, ditch or field drainage. It is also recommended to protect the bales from animals.

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