Scaffold Shrink Wrap Installation

Although we are a distribution only business, we are working with the biggest and best dedicated installers in the UK on a day to day basis. These partners have the working knowledge and expert understanding of the practical processes involved when installing scaffold shrink wrap, and the challenges our customers face when attempting to install our polythene wraps themselves.

Why choose installation?

To get the most from your shrink encapsulation film it needs to be properly installed. Our highly qualified partners will use their expert knowledge and professional equipment to ensure that the installation process is carried out safely and effectively, ensuring your shrink encapsulation wrap is properly set up to protect your site.

Each installation team has set up shrink encapsulation wrap for a wide range of trade customers, from site managers and other construction professionals to facilities managers, industrial owners, and local authorities throughout the UK on and off-shore. Whether you’re looking to install partitions, secure scaffolding, protect building work, tunnels or other construction covers, they are fully qualified to meet your needs.

All our installations are carried out in line with Solicom’s guidelines, guaranteeing a secure finish.

Previous shrink wrap installation projects have included:

  • Wrapping building frames to create temporary encapsulation or building cover
  • Shrink wrapping scaffolding to provide protection against weather and other environmental forces
  • Shrink wrapping materials, equipment, and offsite elements for transportation to the construction site
  • Shrink wrapping temporary roofs
  • Creating temporary interior partitions
  • No heat shrink wrapping


Please contact us with your requirements no matter how big or small and we will put you in contact with the best installers for the job.

Need a quotation?

Our installation partners will assess your particular needs and provide you with a quote for the proposed work. If your project is large, they may suggest a meeting on-site to review your particular needs.

The more information you can provide us, the more accurately they will be able to prepare your quote. Helpful information includes:

  • What are you looking to shrink wrap?
  • What is the purpose of the shrink wrap? (weather protection, site security, containment)
  • What are the sizes/dimensions of the proposed area?
  • Can you supply any designs or photographs?
  • Is the work to take place indoors or outdoors?
  • How soon are you looking to begin work?
  • What flame retardant certification do you require?


We also offer shrink wrap installation training. If you are working with our shrink wrap on a regular basis and will find value in upskilling your team to install shrink wrap itself, see our training page here.

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We also offer training services…

Scaffold Shrink Wrap Training Services

We can train your team to apply shrink wrap to a professional standard independently.

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