Hand Pallet Wrap

Secure your products with hand pallet wrap

Hand pallet wrap is a clear, stretchable film that is used to protect goods on pallets whilst in storage and transit. It is mostly clear (so that goods inside can be viewed), although coloured options are also available.

Our range of hand pallet wrap and hand stretch wrap allows you to safely wrap the small size and unique dimensions of hand pallets. Our Polylite™ hand stretch film provides an economical solution for all applications. Whether you are wrapping a single pallet by hand or a larger palletised load, effectively wrapping pallets by hand can help to maintain the integrity of your palletised products.

Lightweight yet strong, it uses the same high-performance material as our machine stretch film, only supplied for use by hand. Quick and easy to apply, hand pallet stretch wrap keeps loads contained securely in their pallets, protected in storage and secure during transit.


Ordering hand pallet wrap from Polythene UK

What is the lead time for delivery of hand pallet wrap?

We provide next-day delivery for our hand pallet wrap and stretch wrap within the UK when you place your order before 2 pm. (Some parts of Scotland and Ireland may be excluded).

Do you provide hand pallet wrap film samples for testing?

We do provide free samples for testing. You can request a free sample of our hand stretch wrap simply by filling out our “Request a free sample form” on this page, and a member of our Polythene UK team will get back to you.

What is the minimum order quantity for hand stretch wrap?

Depending on the product and its requirements, our range of products has different minimum order amounts. Contact our staff online or give us a call at 0845 643 1601 to acquire the precise minimum order quantity for our hand stretch wrap.

Can you provide technical support or assistance with selecting the hand pallet wrap for my needs?

Our team is available to advise you. We tailor weight-reducing, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions for your needs. If you’re wondering how much pallet wrap you need for your load, or how to choose the right thickness of hand pallet wrap, reach out to us by submitting an enquiry through our form on this page. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to someone, call us on 0845 643 1601 to find out how we can improve your hand stretch wrap efficiency.

Increasing your hand pallet wrap yield

Our strong hand held shrink wrap is easy to apply, whichever application method you prefer. Hand pallet film is applied manually using handheld dispenser either by walking around the pallet or by spinning the pallet on a turntable.

Our standard hand pallet wrap fit all standard hand pallet wrap dispensers, or you can choose an extended core for easy application by hand. Our fold-over pre-stretched pallet wrap comes with the advantage of being pre-stretched at our factory, doubling the length of the roll from 300m to 600m. This increases the yield of the product and puts less strain on your wrapping staff as they merely have to walk around the pallet with the wrap which will spring back to the product.

Our hand pallet wrap retains the strength of traditional hand stretch wrap, with a minimum reduction in thickness by 25%.

Free hand stretch wrap samples

We find out the current thickness you are using and provide you with free samples to test on your palletised loads to reduce not only costs but also your carbon footprint.

Call us now to find out how Polythene UK can help you on 0845 643 1601*.

Hand Stretch Wrap Technologies & Specifications


  • Width: 50mm – 2000mm
  • Thickness: 6mu – 50mu

Technologies Available:

  • Available in up to 9 layer technology
  • Can be printed up to 3 colour on one side
  • Available in most colours, tinted or opaque
  • Plant-based Polyair™
  • Oxo-Biodegradable
  • Perforated

Next day delivery on hand pallet wrap stock items within the UK when you place your order before 2pm (excludes some parts of Scotland and Ireland).

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Here are a few easy steps on how to use hand pallet wrap to ensure that your goods are secure. Firstly, select a suitable pallet and stack your goods. Next, attach the hand pallet wrap, unravel the roll and work your way around the pallet, starting from the base and working your way up. Once you’ve reached the top, start working your way back down again if required to make the load stable. Once finished, tear the wrap, sticking the end to the pallet or tucking it under an edge.

Our hand pallet wrap is fully recyclable and Oxo-degradable. We offer sustainable hand stretch wrap which can help reduce the environmental impact of the material and promote a circular economy.

Hand pallet wraps are an eco-friendly reusable alternative to plastic stretch wraps made of heavy-duty ventilated and breathable mesh or opaque vinyl. These reusable wraps are typically designed for 2500+ uses.

Cast stretch wrap is a type of pallet wrap that is made from a thermoplastic material, enabling faster and cheaper production compared to the blown wrap alternative. Unlike cast stretch wrap, blown wrap contains a resin additive that gives it a slightly sticky texture, which allows it to adhere better to products and pallets, making it suitable for outdoor or draughty warehouse storage. To enhance durability and minimise tearing, the plastic is heated and air is blown into it during the manufacturing process, accelerating the cooling process.

Are you searching for a better way to wrap and protect your loads? Using the correct hand pallet wrap is invaluable for increasing product protection from the elements, increasing load stability, improving shipping and handling, better inventory control, and is versatile as a cost-effective as well as an environmentally sustainable packaging solution.

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