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Food and drink spotlight: The importance of Collation Shrink Film

Collation shrink film is a crucial part of keeping food and drink fresh and safe to consume. Methods of wrapping have come on leaps and bounds over the years, with new and innovative materials and processes being released every year.

When you visit large supermarkets and see hundreds of cans and bottles lining the shelves, you may wonder how they are transported and maintained. Pallets play a crucial role in transporting these goods from the supplier warehouse to the supermarket. Suppliers need to ensure ease of shipping, and materials such as collation shrink film can help.

food packaging What is Collation Shrink Film?

Collation shrink film is made from a multimodal, linear, low-density polythene that’s stretched out in a specially designed machine. It was invented as a way of shrink-wrapping an item, but is most commonly used within the food and drink sector. Its main purpose is to house multipacks of drink containers or food cans.

The items are placed on top of, or inside, a piece of cardboard, and the shrink film is wrapped around it. This is placed into a shrink oven or tunnel, the heat of which secures the film around the shape of the items it contains. This method ensures the items are tightly set in place and won’t move around in transit.

Why use it?

Shrink film becomes extremely stiff and durable upon shrinkage. This makes it the ideal candidate for packaging heavy items that require a firm grip. It’s also imperative the film is strong enough to withstand knocks without being punctured, as this may result in damaged goods upon arrival. The film should not stick to the products inside, but simply house them.

If you’ve ever purchased a multipack of drinks, it’s likely you’ve picked it up by holding on to the outside edges of the shrink-wrap. Due to this type of handling, it’s important to ensure that the edges of the package are stiff and strong, and that they can endure the entire weight of the contents. The contents must also be visible from the outside of the shrink-wrap to be commercially viable.

Pallet covers 1Polythene UK

Polythene UK was founded in 2007 and has steadily made its mark within the packaging industry as one of the top suppliers of polythene products. We offer an extensive array of products including pallet covers, polythene bags, stretch wrap, films and tubes.

Love for the planet is at the heart of what Polythene UK does and we moved to carbon-neutral premises in 2013 to demonstrate our commitment to the cause. We’ve received numerous awards over the years for our contributions to a greener future, and our innovative technologies have had a positive influence within the industry.

Variations of materials

New, greener shrink-wraps are invented and processed each year. The desire for less packaging and a lower carbon footprint is strong within the packaging industry and end consumers. Therefore, there are many types of shrink films available.

Polylite is lightweight but extremely strong. In recent case studies based on two polythene sofa bag covers, results showed that Polylite delivered a decrease in cost by 11%, which led to an overall saving of £3,325. It’s 20% lighter and thinner than other types of Polythene without compromising on strength, meaning that using Polylite will save you both money and unnecessary waste.

If you’re concerned about your green credentials, Polyair is a great solution. It’s the only 100% recyclable material currently available. It impressively reduces CO2 by 96% and, when combined with Polylite, delivers impressive cost savings. It’s made from sugar cane, so is proactively greener. Using this packaging instead of standard Polythene demonstrates to your customers that you’re a company that cares about the environment.

Collation shrink-wrap film is highly effective at packaging goods for mass market and it can be produced to take on many different forms. Whether you’re looking for standard shrink-wrapping or something more carbon negative, Polythene UK has a wide selection to choose from.

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