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Bags & Tubes

Bags & Tubes

We can supply every kind of bag or cover that you need, from pallet covers to printed polythene bags.

Our extensive range of Polylite polythene bags and covers (converted goods) are available in a wide variety of sizes for all applications.

Typically our Polylite bags are made from a 3-layer co-extruded material that provides a thinner gauge with incredible strength.

Polythene Bags

Our bags can be bottom-welded, side-welded, gusseted, or flat. We also offer fold over flap and self adhesive strip bags, double welded bags and heavy duty seal bags.

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Printed Polythene Bags

Competitively priced and printed to your specifications, Polylite polythene bags can be branded with your marketing message.

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Form Fill and Seal

We provide form fill and seal packaging ideal for cereal, dried foods, animal feed, and other perishable items.

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Flame-Retardant Bags

Protect your products with flame-retardant bags to help prevent fire damage. This specialised polythene is designed to counter heat and flames for fire protection you can rely on.

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Carrier Bags

Our Polylite™ carrier bags to reduce your packaging costs and meet your business needs.

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Asbestos Bags

Use asbestos bags to safely contain and dispose of all forms of asbestos from your customers’ properties.

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Compostable Bags

Fully bio-degradable, our range of compostable bags are an excellent green alternative to standard polythene bags.

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We also provide the following bags and covers…

Stillage Liners

We can supply Polylite polythene stillage liners and covers in any size you require to contain and protect stillage contents.

Tray and Box Liners

Available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, or made to your exact specifications, we offer a full range of tray and box liners.

Polythene Sheets

Polylite polythene sheets are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes: centre-folded, flat or multi-folded.

Embossed Polythene Bags & Sheets

Practical as base sheets, forming a waterproof non-slip barrier between layers, and for flooring and pallet protection.