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Caddy Liners

Cost-effective polythene caddy liners for food waste to replace outdated corn starch liners

Corn starch liners are no longer necessary. Our quick-solution polythene caddy liners mean less hassle and less cost.

Line your bins with low-cost polythene caddies and never have to worry about food-grade liners again. It is no longer necessary to use liners made from corn starch for food waste bins, meaning your organisation can make big savings by ordering our replacement polythene caddies. No more hassle ordering specific volumes of specialised liners just for your food waste. No more overpriced food-grade liners, when you could be saving. Just bulk orders of easy-to-use polythene caddies for your business or organisation.

Approved for use by Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council is the first council in the UK to act on this change in legislation. Our caddy liners are currently being distributed throughout the county to raise public awareness of this change and drive a smooth transition.

We aim to supply other county councils and local authorities with bulk volumes for similar campaigns within their own constituencies.

The science: how can polythene replace food-grade liners?

Previously, bags made from corn starch were used for food waste because they were thought to break down (or anaerobically digest) at a similar rate. This provided an environmentally beneficial solution to food waste disposal.

In the UK, however, so much heat is used to speed up the process (10-14 days here, compared to 4-5 weeks in Europe) that the food still breaks down before the bags do, making them redundant.

In light of this, the government has reversed its position on the use of corn starch caddy bags, making more cost-effective polythene caddies the better option again.

Wrap have compiled a fantastic guide, ‘Household Food Waste Collections Guide‘ which outlines everything you may need to know about polythene caddy liners: Through the various sections, this guide is designed to support local authorities by detailing good practice and evidence which can help inform the design and delivery of high capture, cost-effective food waste”.

Providing county councils and supermarkets with convenient, affordable alternatives to corn starch liners

We understand that supermarkets and hospitality businesses also handle large volumes of food waste on a daily basis. We can distribute bulk quantities of replacement polythene caddies at very short turnaround. This makes our caddies ideal for national supermarket chains and businesses with high food waste, helping them to improve their waste management processes and lower costs.

Product specifications

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