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Polytape150 Packaging Tape

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Polytape150 Packaging Tape

Polytape150 packaging tape is the latest product by Polythene UK. This revolutionary product is designed to save businesses both time and money, and offers the cost-saving benefit of dramatically reducing packaging waste.

Polytape150’s small core maximises roll length, saving you money.

Polythene UK’s packaging tape features 150 metres of tape per roll, compared to the 66 metres featured on most packaging tapes. Because of this, Polytape150 will dramatically increase the productivity of your packaging operation (fewer rolls in storage and less time replacing empty rolls delivers dramatically increased efficiency for your packaging processes).

Our tape is considerably cheaper per metre than the usual industry standard rolls. It saves you money and ensures a reduction in downtime caused by changing finished rolls, and also dramatically reduces the amount of accrued waste.

Standard rolls of tape average £0.60 per roll for 66 metres: Polytape150 costs £1 per roll for more than double the amount of tape (150 metres), delivering a fantastic return on investment over the competition.

Polytape150 is available in clear or buff and either printed or unprinted. It is available from stock with free delivery if sent with your polythene order. Tape dispensers are also available.

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