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Pallet Covers

Protect your business with Polylite™ polythene pallet covers

Bad weather, dirty environments and the perils of transport all take their toll on palletised goods, whether in warehouse storage or in transit. Protect and stabilise your pallets with our range of Polylite™ polythene pallet covers.

Our passion for polythene coupled with our advanced manufacturing techniques has led to the development and manufacture of a variety of pallet covers. This includes shrink wrap, non-shrink wrap, and stretch hooding, each available in Polylite™, as well as Polyair™ and flame-retardant material. Excellent protection, whatever your budget.

The benefits of using plastic pallet covers

Plastic pallet covers provide the ultimate protection for your products. Strong and easy to apply, they keep your items securely stored on pallets, while ensuring that they’re safe from dirt, dust and moisture. Meanwhile our Polythene UK Guarantee ensures that you’ll reduce costs, minimise your carbon footprint, and can ship to your distributers with confidence that your goods will arrive in the same condition as when they left your warehouse.

pallet covers

You’re in good company with Polythene UK

Choosing our polythene pallet covers to protect your stock means you’re in great company. Our partner organisations, including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the House of Commons, and the Ministry of Defence, all trust our polymer packaging materials. And with a wide range of international organisations using our products around the world, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Easy to apply, yet offering excellent protection

Whatever style of pallet cover you choose, you’ll be delighted at their ease of use.

To apply our non-shrink pallet covers, simply wrap the film around the products. No machinery required.
For the best protection, choose our shrink pallet covers. Seal the products inside the pallet cover using a handheld heat gun. The wrap shrinks to effortlessly secure your items.

Reduce your packaging costs by a significant 20%

Keeping costs low while protecting your stock is integral to a successful supply chain.

Our exclusive Polylite™ is a tough yet lightweight material than offers significant savings to your packaging costs. Up to 20% lighter than traditional polythene, it reduces the weight of your polythene consumption, resulting in less waste going to landfill.

For an even greener supply chain, opt for Polyair™. This carbon negative material is 100% recyclable. It’s the greenest material we know.

Our entire pallet cover range is available in Polylite™ or Polyair™. Contact Polythene UK to find out how much you can save by switching to our exclusive polythene pallet covers.

Product range

We provide a wide range of pallet covers in sizes up to air cargo pallet cover dimensions. Ranges include the following:

Non-shrink pallet wrap


Our non-shrink pallet covers provide easy protection from dirt, dust and light rain. Opt for our exclusive Polylite™ material to reduce your packaging costs while keeping your products clean and dry.

Non-Shrink Wrap Films

Stretch hood pallet covers


The high integrity of stretch hood pallet covers offers supreme protection for your products. Minimise the typical damage caused by unwanted movement, while protecting the value of stock kept in storage.

Stretch Hooding

Shrink pallet covers


Our high performance shrink pallet covers provide your pallets with complete protection, whatever the weather. Heat-shrink technology offers excellent protection for palletised goods in storage and in transit.

Shrink Wrap Film

Flame-retardant pallet covers


Our custom flame-retardant pallet covers are designed to resist heat and flames, reducing the effects of fire damage. Offered across our entire product range, they protect your products while ensuring you meet legal fire safety requirements.

Flame-retardant Covers

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