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Bio-based, Carbon Negative

Recently relaunched for the UK market, our exclusive new Polyair™ product is the only 100% recyclable, carbon negative material currently available.

Polyair is truly the greenest material we know of. When integrated with our Polylite solution, this product will not only improve your green credentials and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, but will – as importantly – provide a cost-effective alternative to standard polythene.

Original Polyair was an oxy-degradable polythene developed at a time when everyone thought that oxy-degradable products were the optimum solution. This view has now changed: there is little benefit in a material which degrades completely in two or three years – the atmosphere simply turns it into flakes and particles.

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Rather than being oxy-degradable, our new Polyair material is bio-based. Polyair is made from sugar cane, and it’s the process of photosynthesis as the plant grows that makes this product carbon negative.

The sugar cane actively captures CO2 from the atmosphere, while at the same time releasing oxygen – making this material not just green, but proactively green.

Our exclusive Polyair material can be chosen as an alternative to regular polythene, offering your company the opportunity to improve your green credentials, meet legislative requirements and deliver improved environmental solutions.

Polyair can be used across our full product range of bags, covers, tubes, films, wraps and stretch film, giving you a significantly greener, environmentally friendly option.

Contact our helpful sales personnel to find out how you can benefit from switching to Polyair, based on your current product specifications.

Simply send us a current sample of your regular polythene, including the specification and details of the required application. We will be able to advise you on the optimum Polyair solution, ensuring you the best cost and environmental savings.

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FACT: Every 1 tonne of our new Polyair manufactured means that 2.5 tonnes of CO2 has been captured from our atmosphere.

FACT: Using a bio-based material at a percentage of 60% in film reduces the CO2 emissions to 0% even when you take into consideration the energy used for manufacturing and shipping.

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