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Polythene Bags

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Polythene Bags

Polythene UK provides a full range of sizes, from large polythene bags to small polythene bags, and strengths varying from light duty to heavy duty polythene bags, enabling them to fulfil all manner of commercial and retail requirements. Our Polylite™ bags are made from a 3-layer co-extruded material that provides a thinner gauge with incredible strength.

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Polythene Bag Options

The clear polythene bags we supply can be bottom-welded, side-welded, gusseted, or flat depending on your specific application.

We also offer fold over flap and self adhesive strip bags, double welded bags and heavy duty seal bags. With such a variety of polythene bags on offer, we’re confident that we can meet all your needs.

Reduce the Cost & Weight of Your Polythene Bags

All of our polythene bags are available in our lightweight Polylite™ material, a thinner multi-layered polythene bag, reducing the weight of your polythene consumption by 20%.

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Technologies & Specifications

Polythene Bag sSpecifications

  • Size: 300mm to 4000mm wide
  • Thicknesses: 12.5mu to 400mu

Technologies Available for Polythene Bags:

  • Printed up to 8 colours and tints, or as clear polythene bags
  • Available in Polylite™, Polyair™ and Polycomp™
  • Flame retardant treatments

Polythene Bags Can Be Supplied:

  • Loose as singles
  • In boxes of 10kg to 15kg or in pallet boxes
  • Perforated on the Roll: approx 15kg to 35kg

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Caddy Liners

Corn starch liners are no longer necessary. Our quick-solution polythene caddy liners mean less hassle and less cost.

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Printed Polythene Bags

Quickly and easily source all the printed polythene bags your business needs, whatever your requirements.

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Wholesale Carrier Bags

Our lightweight carrier bags to reduce your packaging costs and meet your business needs.

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Asbestos Removal Bags

We supply licensed asbestos removers throughout the UK with the specially engineered asbestos bags.

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Compostable Bags

Our starch-based Polycomp bags are designed to break down naturally after use so there’s no need for them to be recycled.

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Flame-Retardant Bags

Protect your products with flame-retardant bags to help prevent fire damage.

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