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Mailing & Polywrap Film

Cost-Effective Polythene Mailing Bags

Secure and dispatch literature and other mailing products using our cost-effective polythene mailing bags. It is an economical alternative to paper-based solutions, providing a high level of protection from both moisture and punctures.

When made from our unique Polylite™ material, we can offer this product at some of the UK’s most cost-effective rates – so you can secure your mailing literature and your costs.

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Bespoke Mailing & Polywrap Film

We understand every business has different needs. This is why we can manufacture these films using a variety of materials according to your business requirements.

Polycomp™ Mailing Bags

Polycomp™ conforms to EN13432 so is compostable in open air as long as there are micro-organisms to break it down and can be printed with the “OK HOME compost” logo. Polycomp™ can be disposed of on any compost heap, in a household garden waste bin, a household food waste bin, or you can use it to line your food waste bin.

Benefits of Using Polycomp™

  • Fully compostable at home
  • Certified European norm EN13432
  • OK HOME compost
  • Available printed with OK HOME compost inks

As more and more people are specifying eco-friendly film to be used on direct mail, we can help you offer your clients the most eco-friendly films on the market, from stock.

Polyair™ Mailing Film

Polyair™ is a single layered film extruded using 75% bio-based polymer content and is certified PAS2050 – CO² neutral by the Carbon Trust. Polyair™ LDPE is made from sustainable polythene which is derived from Sugar Cane.

Benefits of Using Polyair™ 

  • Bio-based polymer content
  • 100% Carbon neutral
  • Less poly raw material
  • Full recyclable (Code LDPE 4)

Polylite™ Mailing Film:

Polylite™ is a 3 layer laminated film which allows us to produce a thinner film whilst maintaining the required strength. Polylite™ is guaranteed to save you money and guaranteed to reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Using Polylite™

  • Up to 50% lower raw material usage of an oil based product
  • Lower transportation requirements
  • High quality extrusion process combined with less overall extrusion
  • 50% less waste material
  • Quicker to degrade than standard poly
  • High puncture resistance and tensile strength
  • Less roll changes (50% more film capable per roll)

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Mailing Polywrap Film

Technologies & Specifications

Mailing & Polywrap Film specifications

  • Width: 125mm to 1000mm
  • Thickness: from 13mu to 70mu

Technologies Available for Mailing & Polywrap Film:

  • Printed up to 8 colours with water-based compostable inks
  • Available in recyclable Polylite™, Polycomp™, Polyair™ & Monolite™
  • Polycomp™ – EN13432 OK Home Compostable
  • Polycomp™ & Polyair™ – Bio-based raw material
  • Polyair™, Polylite™ & Monolite™ – Fully recyclable (LDPE 4)
  • Polyair™ – Certified PAS2050 – CO² neutral by the Carbon Trust
  • Polylite™ & Monolite™ – Up to 50% thinner than standard LDPE mailings film

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