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Specialist Vehicle Liners

Specialist vehicle liners

Line the insides of lorries and other HGVs with specialist vehicle liners to protect them from the wear and tear they experience on a daily basis. We provide vehicle liners in a variety of exclusive polymers, meaning tougher liners. No more scratches, no more dents, no more corrosion, just better protection for your fleets at the lowest prices.

Extending the lives of lorries throughout the UK and abroad

By protecting the insides of lorries from physical damage, vehicle liners help to extend the use of the vehicle itself, so you can run your fleet for longer with fewer repairs and better transport environments for valuable cargo.


Easy-to-apply vehicle liners for lorries and other HGVs

The flexible material is easy to apply and adaptable to a wide range of dimensions. Order the vehicle liners to fit the inside of your lorries.

Because they are made from premium plastic, they are resistant to damage and easy to clean, making them practical for a variety of cargos and purposes.

They are also simple to remove, so you can protect your fleet as and when required.

Keep your products clean, fresh, and legally compliant

Choose vehicle liners made from our exclusive Polylite™ material for tough, lightweight liners providing up to 20% in savings compared to standard polythene.

Polyair™ is a bio-based material with environmental benefits that translate directly into better green credentials for your business.

Vehicle liners that incorporate both of these materials provide you with cost-effective, environmentally friendly packaging you won’t find anywhere else.

Product specifications

Our vehicle liners are available in the following sizes and thicknesses.

  • Sizes: 1500/3000×14,000mm
  • Thicknesses: PL45mu

Liners are supplied:

  • Minimum order size: 500
  • Perforated on the roll
  • Available in a natural tint as standard

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