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Stretch and shrink films

Stretch and shrink films: Your packaging solutions

Seal your products inside our premium stretch and shrink films to keep them safe and secure. Stabilise your products for distribution. Protect them against contaminants for freshness and quality. Choose from one of our exclusive polymers for lighter, tougher packaging, better green credentials, and up to 20% savings compared to traditional polythene wrapping. So you can save money and ship confidently.

Providing businesses nationwide with shipping security

Our range of stretch and shrink films is currently used by organisations throughout the UK and abroad. Improve your business processes with smarter packaging.

stretch shrink films

Our stretch and shrink films are easy to apply

Apply manually, or install the rolls into your existing lines for automated wrapping.

Our stretch films are power pre-stretched for the best machine application results. In fact, we guarantee the highest machine stretch film yields in Europe.

For superior protection, seal your products inside our shrink films using a handheld heat gun. The wrap will shrink around your products, effortlessly holding them in place.

Save up to 20% more with our exclusive polymers

In addition to ease of use and improved physical protection, our stretch and shrink films can provide you with real savings.

Twenty percent lighter than standard polythene wrapping but just as strong, Polylite™ delivers up to 20% savings in cost price.

To improve your organisation’s green credentials, we also offer Polyair™, providing you with a sustainable alternative to standard polythene sheeting.

Choose our exclusive materials for your stretch or shrink films to secure your products and your packaging costs.

Product range

We provide a wide range of stretch films and shrink sheeting, from lightweight polythene to heavy-duty wrapping. This range includes the following:

Centrefold shrink

Centrefold shrink wrap can be sealed, cut to size, and shrunk around your product. No damp, no pests, no damage, just quality products ready for distribution.

Centrefold Shrink

Mailing / Poly wrap film

Polylite mailing film is supplied using a 3-layer extrusion that allows us to produce thinner film while maintaining the required strength for an exceptional price.

Poly Wrap Film

Machine stretch film

Our machine stretch films have a number of commercial applications including providing a secure and cost-effective pallet wrap material.

Machine Stretch Film

Spiral wrap

Our spiral wrap films are perfect for larger and longer items, providing an economical way of wrapping a wide range of items and machines

Spiral Wrap

Collation shrink film

We offer you an exceptional choice of plain and printed collation shrink film for all your pack collation requirements.

Collation Shrink Film

PVC / Polyolefin shrink film

We supply superb quality double-oriented thermoshrinkable polyolefin film. This is a multi-purpose film with exceptional strength

PVC Shrink Film

Mini rolls

The size and thickness of mini stretch wrap rolls is engineered to cover small items, so you can quickly and easily keep your products safe, whatever their size.
Mini Rolls

Stretch hooding

Fully bio-degradable, our range of compostable bags are an excellent green alternative to standard polythene bags.

Stretch hooding

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