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Centrefold Shrink Wrap

Premium protection with centrefold shrink wrap

Seal your products inside centrefold shrink wrap to secure them against breakages and contamination. The prefabricated centrefold design creates an envelope that can be sealed, cut to size, and shrunk around your product, creating a protective layer. No damp, no pests, no crushed loads, just quality products, ready for storage or distribution.

Applications for every industry

Not only is centrefold shrink wrap a quick and effective way to secure your products, its centrefold design makes it ideal for protecting a wide range of non-standard shaped items, giving it applications across every industry.

centrefold shrink wrap

Applying centrefold shrink wrap is quick and easy

Place your product inside the envelope. Seal and trim to size, removing any excess plastic as required.

Using a handheld heat gun, shrink the envelope around the product. This creates a second-skin effect, ensuring a tightly-packed item, sealed against movement and external forces like wind, rain, or vermin.

Improve handling and distribution processes

Reduce supply chain stress and make product distribution easier by shrink wrapping your products.

When properly secured, products can be safely transported across long distances to new and existing buyers.

Products can also be stored securely without risk of contamination or breaking.

The heat-shrink effect produces light, skin-tight packaging, so manual handling is easier than ever.
Additionally, choose our exclusive Polylite™ material for thinner film with the same performance qualities and packaging savings of up to 20%.

Product specifications

Our centrefold shrink wrap is available in sizes up to air cargo pallet cover dimensions. Due to centrefold design, the stated roll size doubles when the film is opened – see product specifications below.

  • Sizes: 1,000/2,000mm to 2,540/5,080mm
  • Thicknesses: 60mu-250mu

Wrap can be supplied:

  • Roll / kg / metre
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 roll
  • Available in a natural tint

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