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Mailing and Polywrap Film

Cost-effective mailing and polywrap film

Secure and dispatch literature and other mailing products using our cost-effective mailing and polywrap film. It is an economical alternative to paper-based solutions, providing a high level of protection from both moisture and punctures. When made from our unique Polylite material, we can offer this product at some of the UK’s most cost-effective rates — so you can secure your mailing literature and your costs.

Supplying large and small businesses nationwide

Our partners love our polythene, and so will you. We work closely with a range of organisations, from the Department for Environment to independent businesses, so wherever you are based, you know we can secure your literature for mailing.

mailing film


Manufactured to your specifications

We understand every business has different needs. This is why we can manufacture these films using a variety of materials according to your business requirements.

Our mailing film can be made mono or co-extruded as desired, and are available plain or printed in up to 8 colours.

For the most savings, choose to have your mailing and polywrap products made from our exclusive Polylite™ material.

Save up to 20% on your mailing and polywrap film costs

Polylite™ mailing film is supplied using a 3-layer extrusion that allows us to produce thinner film while maintaining the required strength.

This high clarity, lightweight film gives you 36% – 47% more film per roll than regular polythene, leading to lower transportation requirements, less waste material and fewer roll changes — resulting in a more efficient production process and improved profit margins.

Switch to our exclusive materials today to secure your literature and your mailing costs.

Product specifications

Our high-performance mailing film is available in the following sizes:

  • Sizes: 200mm to 12mtre wide
  • Thicknesses: 12.5mu to 400mu

Films and tubes can be supplied:

  • Printed up to 8 colours and tints

When manufactured from Polylite™, this product is 100% recyclable.

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