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Our unique Polylite stretch wrap and film benefits from being pre-stretched to twice its original length making it lighter and more economic to use.

By using fold-over edges top and bottom, we ensure sufficient strength for the most exacting pallet-wrap requirements. In fact, we guarantee to provide you with the highest film yields in Europe.

Stretched Polylite wrap and film decreases the weight of the roll and the cost to you per length, but still retains the same high performance levels.

Machine Stretch Film

Our high-strength machine stretch film is available for automated, semi-automatic and single pallet machines.

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Hand Pallet Wrap

Our hand pallet wrap uses the same high performance pre-stretched Polylite film as our machine stretch film but supplied on hand rolls.

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Fiber Film

Our fiber film offers unparalleled pallet protection for heavy, delicate and high value goods.

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Spiral Wrap

Ideal for larger and longer items, we supply spiral wrap stretch films for all types of commercial and industrial application.

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Pallet Wrappers

We guarantee the lowest pallet wrapper costs in the UK and offer free installation, delivery service and after-sales care service.

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We also provide the following stretch wrap and films…

Agricultural Stretch Wrap

Ideal for grass, maize, straw and other baling applications, our stretch wrap film is used for many agricultural storage processes.

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Silage Stretch Wrap

Specialist agricultural stretch wrap to secure and protect silage bales and to enhance silage quality.

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