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Hand stretch wrap

Hand stretch wrap yield refers to the amount of pallets that can be wrapped with a specific amount of hand stretch wrap. It is a measure of how efficiently and effectively hand stretch wrap is being used to secure and protect products during transportation and storage. 

For example, if you have a roll of hand stretch wrap that can wrap 20 pallets, and you are able to wrap 22 pallets with that same roll, then your hand stretch wrap yield is 110% (22 pallets wrapped divided by 20 pallets that the roll was supposed to be able to wrap).

Increasing your hand stretch wrap yield can result in significant benefits for your business, including cost savings, environmental benefits, improved product protection, increased productivity, and improved safety.

The Benefits Of Increasing Your Hand Stretch Wrap Yield

By continually seeking to improve your hand pallet wrap yield, you can reduce material waste, improve product protection, and increase efficiency, which can ultimately benefit your businesses in many ways. Below are some of the key benefits in more detail.

1. Cost savings

Increasing your hand stretch wrap yield will reduce the amount of wrap you use, which can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. By reducing the amount of wrap used, you can also reduce the frequency of orders and delivery of wrap, which can reduce transportation and handling costs.

2. Environmental benefits

By reducing the amount of hand stretch wrap used, you can also reduce your environmental impact. The production, transportation, and disposal of wrap can have a significant environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and waste generation. By using less wrap, you can reduce these impacts and contribute to a more sustainable future.

3. Improved product protection

Increasing your hand stretch wrap yield can also lead to improved product protection. A tighter and more consistent wrap can help prevent product movement and damage during transportation and storage. This can reduce the risk of product spoilage or loss, which can have a significant impact on your business.

4. Increased productivity

Using the right techniques and equipment will reduce the amount of wrap you use and can increase your productivity, as a more efficient and effective wrapping process can reduce the time it takes to wrap pallets, which can lead to increased output and productivity.

5. Improved safety

A tighter and more consistent wrap can also improve the safety of your products during transportation. A secure wrap can reduce the risk of product shifting or falling during transit, which can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries.

Tips To Increase Your Hand Stretch Wrap Yield

There are many techniques and best practices that can be used to optimise the wrapping process. Even the smallest of improvements can result in significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Through the years, experts have been able to identify areas where improvements can be made in the wrapping process, such as identifying where too much wrap is being used, where the wrapping technique can be refined, or where additional training may be necessary.

By following these tips, and continuously seeking to improve your wrapping process, you can optimise your hand stretch wrap yield and improve your bottom line.

Use the right size wrap

Make sure to choose the right size wrap for your pallets. Using a wrap that is too small can result in breakage while using a wrap that is too large can waste material. Check the weight and size of the pallet and choose the appropriate wrap accordingly.

Wrap pallets tightly

Ensure that you wrap your pallets tightly to reduce the chance of product movement or damage during transportation. A tight wrap can also help prevent moisture and dust from damaging your products.

Use proper wrapping technique

Use a consistent wrapping technique, such as the spiral method, to ensure an even and secure wrap. This will prevent gaps in the wrap that can lead to product shifting and damage. You can also use corner protectors to prevent damage to the corners of your products.

Don’t overstretch the wrap

Overstretching the wrap can cause it to tear or break, which wastes material and time. Stretch the wrap to its optimal level, usually between 50-70% of its stretch capacity. If the wrap is too stretched, it can also lose its elasticity and become less effective.

Keep the wrap clean and dry

Keep the wrap in a clean and dry environment to prevent contamination and damage to the wrap. Moisture, dust, and debris can weaken the wrap and reduce its effectiveness.

Use a wrap dispenser

Using a dispenser can help you apply the wrap more efficiently and effectively, which can increase your yield and reduce fatigue. A dispenser can also help you maintain consistent tension and improve wrapping speed.

Train employees

Ensure that employees who handle the wrapping process are properly trained on the correct techniques and equipment usage to ensure optimal yield and reduce waste. Provide regular training and refresher courses to keep them up-to-date with the latest wrapping techniques and equipment.

Consider using pre-stretched pallet wrap

At Polythene UK, we offer fold-over pre-stretched hand pallet wrap that has the benefit of being pre-stretched, resulting in the roll length being doubled from 300m to 600m. This increases the product yield, and wrapping staff are less strained as they only need to walk around the pallet with the wrap, which will automatically spring back and hold the product in place.

Our pre-stretched hand stretch wrap maintains the same level of strength as traditional hand stretch wrap, with its thickness only reduced minimally by 25%. Contact our team to request a free sample.

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