Can Biodegradable Poly Mailing Bags Be Kept in Storage?

Can biodegradable poly mailing bags be kept in storage

Can biodegradable poly mailing bags be kept in storage? If your business mails printed literature, you have probably asked yourself: Can biodegradable poly mailing bags be kept in storage? See also: Does UK Law Allow Eco-Mailing Packaging to Be Recycled? Do Certain Grades of Polythene Offer a Better Print Surface Than Others? Going Green: What […]

5 Top Tips For Making The Best Haylage

best haylage

How to make the best haylage Haylage is fast becoming a popular food source for horses. Richer in nutrients and more palatable than standard hay, it provides a number of benefits that make it a solid horse-feed substitute. As a result of its rising popularity among horse owners, it presents a strong business opportunity for […]

Why Now Is The Time To Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint

reduce your business carbon footprint

Why you should reduce your business carbon footprint now An estimated 5% of plastic packaging is recycled globally, compared to 40% deposited in landfills. The environment is at breaking point. Find out how to reduce your business carbon footprint. As the UK’s leading independent supplier of polythene, we’re concerned by how businesses worldwide are consuming plastics. […]

Collation Shrink Film For Food & Drink Sector

Food and drink spotlight: The importance of Collation Shrink Film Collation shrink film is a crucial part of keeping food and drink fresh and safe to consume. Methods of wrapping have come on leaps and bounds over the years, with new and innovative materials and processes being released every year. When you visit large supermarkets […]

What Is Scaffold Sheeting?

what is scaffold sheeting

In this feature, we give the answer to the popular question of what is scaffold sheeting and explain why it is superior to standard shrink wraps for construction purposes. For constriction sites, buildings under repair, and roof work, purpose-designed scaffold sheeting is superior to standard shrink wrap. This specialist sheeting provides temporary protection  from adverse weather […]

Plastic Waste: What Are The Hazards?

Should all plastic waste be officially labelled as hazardous? This is the question being asked by experts all over the world, as the over-reliance on plastics continues to impact the environment. The classification of plastic waste as hazardous would allow the authorities to invest more of their budget to tackle the piles washing up on […]

Product Spotlight: Flame Retardant Shrink Film

Fire and Rescue Services in Great Britain attended 212,500 fires in 2013-14. Fires are a particular risk in commercial and industrial buildings, where reliance on electrical appliances, automated processes and chemical storage makes fire more likely. Currently, commercial buildings, non-domestic and multi-occupancy premises in England and Wales are required to complete a fire risk assessment […]

Setting Up Your Warehouse: What Do You Need?

Warehousing, storage, and distribution is undoubtedly a demanding industry. First and foremost, you need to do your research and ensure that you’re ready to take on the challenge. How much does it cost to get started? What are the common concerns of warehouse owners? What challenges do they face every day? If you’re thinking of […]

Preserving Food with Polymer Film

Preserving Food with Polymer Film If you look in your kitchen right now you’ll probably find some polymer film. Better known as cling film or food wrap, you may use it every day to preserve food. But what is polymer film and where does it come from? How does it work and what are its […]

Infographic: Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the UK

This infographic will look in detail at some of the statistical insights into greenhouse gas emissions in the UK over the past few years. At Polythene UK, we’re looking to make a positive difference to the environment, and understanding Britain’s role in reducing emissions is essential to achieving this. 82% or total UK greenhouse gas […]