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Cling Film & Food

A number of different industries across the world rely on high quality polythene products, and none more so that the catering and food industry. Food hygiene is paramount to catering business’ operations, and the storage of produce must meet official safety guidelines. Catering businesses use cling film on a daily basis to store and transport food safely, and in this article we will look at its role in this dynamic industry.

Using Cling Film With Food

The FSA has released advice about using cling film with food, in order to protect the food itself as well as the taste. Some of their guidelines include;

  • Don’t use cling film in cases where it will melt into the produce, i.e. in ovens or over pots and pans that are cooking on the hob.
  • Don’t allow the cling film to touch the food when cooking food in the microwave.
  • Try not to let cling film come into direct contact with high-fat foods, including cheeses, raw meats, pastries, and fried products.

Why Does Cling Film Cling?

Cling film is made from low density polyethylene, which is specially treated to make it stretch. When unrolling the film, the electrons on one layer get pulled and transferred onto the other. As a result, areas of positive and negative static charge are created, which in turn helps the film to “stick”. As cling film is a good insulator, it maintains its charge for a long time.

Uses For Cling Film

  1. Poaching an egg: If you line a small cup with your cling film, then crack your egg into it and dip the film and egg into a pan of boiling water, you can cook the perfect poached egg.
  2. For presentation: As cling film is entirely see-through, it is ideal for presenting food whilst maintaining food hygiene standards.
  3. Treating burns: As cling film is sterile, it can be perfect for protecting fresh burns, which are always a risk for professional caterers. Unlike bandages and plasters, cling film will not stick to the skin and can be seen through by doctors.
  4. Microwave heating: Whilst keeping your microwave completely clean from splatters and overspills, it heats food much more efficiently.
  5. Keeping food fresh: Whether you have leftovers or need to keep newly-prepared products fresh, cling film is the answer.

High Quality Cling Films

At Polythene UK we supply the highest quality stretch and cling films, and have successfully supplied many clients in the catering industry with great products. For more information about our products, view our range here and get in touch if you have any questions.

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