What is MDO film?

What is MDO film? Machine-direction orientation (MDO) film is made where, a polymer film is heated to a temperature slightly below its melting point and stretched in a particular orientation. The film can be cast on an MDO machine, or this step introduced as the last stage in the manufacture of blown films. Request a […]

10 Best Environment Saving Inventions

At Polythene UK we love new sustainable technology and eco-friendly projects. The inventions and developments that are being made across the world are awe-inspiring and motivational. Here are some of our favourite environment saving inventions that remind us why it’s important to remain eco-friendly. Moss Carpet Bathmat Designed by La Chanh Nguyen the living bath […]

Superior Thermoplastic Fire Resistant Film

Fire resistant Verisafe Shrink Film We are now holding stocks of Verisafe flame retardant shrink film. Verisafe is rated the world’s best shrink film and has been tested worldwide in the most extreme environments. Verisafe shrink film is extremely durable with a thickness of up to 320 microns and is capable of withstanding extreme weather […]

Cling Film: Polythene in the Food Industry

A number of different industries across the world rely on high quality polythene products, and none more so that the catering and food industry. Food hygiene is paramount to catering business’ operations, and the storage of produce must meet official safety guidelines. Catering businesses use cling film on a daily basis to store and transport […]

Biodegradable Carbon-Neutral Bags

The present and the future: Compostable, carbon-neutral carrier bags We have seen in recent years an increased awareness of the impact of plastic bags on the environment in the UK. With Wales and Northern Ireland having brought in a new law to combat plastic bag wastage, there is a clear increase in the popularity of […]

You can now tell us what you really think!

If you are one of our much appreciated existing customers, you should have received a link to our NEW ONLINE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK FORM. It only takes 30 seconds to complete as we’ve kept it really simple. There are 6 basic questions about our general performance and the opportunity for you to have your say and […]

Polyolefin vs PVC – What film are you using for your shrink wrapping?

This month I want to look at the benefits of Polyolefin when compared to PVC in shrink wrapping applications. The question is: Should you still be buying PVC or changing to Polyolefin film? What is the difference between the two? Is one better than the other? The first thing to do when looking for the […]

The future is bright – the future is yellow

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to raise our profile and increase the amount of business we do in Oxfordshire – we are looking forward to inviting clients to join us in the Polythene UK box for some exciting football and the opportunity to grow our business relationships,” says James Woollard MD, “the club’s recent […]